Tuesday, 4 May 2021


Many are sensing, hoping or expecting that the Spirit is stirring for a fresh season of God's special activity in our land. The 'revivalist' in me certainly hopes so too! But more than just wishful thinking, I am grateful that on my radar there are one or two snippets that suggest that the Spirit is indeed stirring. This encourages me to pray that simple but classic charismatic prayer: 'More Lord'!

It has come to my attention that God seems to have given a handful of people I have the privilege to work amongst 'spiritually significant' dreams in recent weeks. One gets my attention because of the accuracy of detail the person has seen in their dream regarding another person - details that they could not possibly know. Another is also a detailed dream which suggests God is revealing deep stuff within the life of the family. Others are clear encouragements and show God-given possibility.

This encourages me that God is on the move. He is concerned with family life, He is concerned to bring healing and transformation. He wants to open things back up. He will empower us to come against specific things that are bad.

The other interesting thing about these dreams that I am aware of, is that several of them have been granted to people who are very young in the faith. These are not people 'experienced in the spiritual gifts', or people with many years of long established deep prayer life, but rather people starting out. May God graciously reveal - regardless of individual's spiritual pedigree!

I have not had any significant dreams myself (I'm not sure I have ever had), but I am taking it as significant that God seems to be moving in this way.

Joel 2:28!

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