Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Willing from the Outset

A desperate man, his life blighted, nowhere else to turn, one option left ... to beg before the man Jesus as he passes his way. This is the scene in Luke 5:12 - 13. The man famously asks 'If you are willing ...', and Jesus (just as famously) replies 'I am willing ...'.

But lets dig deeper. Why was Jesus willing? Was it the passion of the man, the emotion of his request? Were the appropriate heart-strings pulled in this, the right moment?

I believe not. I think it is because Jesus was about His Father's business (John 5:19), and He knew His Father was willing. Yet not just willing for this man in this moment ... but willing from the outset. This was his mission, to show, to declare, to act on God's willingness to heal and restore.

There may be times when our hurt translates into emotions bubbling over, so that we are passionately calling, even begging, for the outcome that we need. That is to be human. But we do not need to contrive such emotions, we do not need to work them up ... as if somehow they might tip a celestial balance and turn on the tap of willingness on the part of God.

No, that is not necessary, because God is willing ... and has been from the outset.