Friday, 29 June 2012

Poppies - beauty just off the normal road

Where might the good soil for harvesting actually lie? In our neat, well organised fields, where the ground-rules are established, boundaries clear, and where things feel that they are working well? The groups within our church where it is all suitably & safely organised?

I was walking out into the countryside and noticed how poppies spring up in the wild, just off the normal road:

Just off the main road, 'in the wild', is something growing of great beauty. I didn't have to go that far to discover these - just a little to one side or the other.

Could it be that if we allowed ourselves to go off the usual & recognised highway, and outside of our organised fields, we might find God is already preparing something of great beauty waiting to be discovered? Is it possible for us to find ways of meaningfully working with the crop to be found in such soil?