Saturday, 15 December 2012


Ever noticed how important testifying about Jesus was to John when he wrote his gospel?

In chapter 1 you have the witness of John the baptist integral to getting the momentum going (v6-8, v15, v19f, v29f and 3:27).

Then in 1:49 Nathanael testifies loud and clear. With ministry then underway, there is the testimony of the key signs, beginning with water into wine. Signs are important (2:23 and 3:2).

Accepting the testimony asserts that God is indeed right: the testifier is speaking for God and on behalf of God (3:33). More on this in 13:20.

More on testimony in 5:31f. Note how works/actions speak also (5:36).

The Spirit will testify too: 15:26 and 16:8-10!

A bit more testimony thrown in for good measure in 19:35.

And in the final verses, testimony again - this time converted to written form (21:24-25).

Yes, I think we can conclude that to testify about Jesus is very important to John. And we are to testify too, joining in with the Spirit's testimony (15:27).  The woman at the well caught onto this very fast - she simply told what she had surmised about Jesus (4:28-29).

And the cool thing is ... testimony inspires belief (4:39).

Go on - give it a go!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Downward Movement

Look at the great 'throne room' passages in the early part of Revelation and it contains (pretty much) what you would expect: John is lifted up into the very place where God is seated, surrounded by those gathered to adore and worship. Its a great vision, and encouraging for us all.

Yet reach the concluding passages of Revelation and there is a subtle difference. Rather than the upward movement for John, it emphasizes a downward movement of a 'holy city'. Reading a bit more it then becomes clear that God Himself is in this city, inhabiting it, providing its light & sustenance - and so God even seems to be in this downward movement.

God comes down to us.

John 1 - the word became flesh: another downward movement. Philippians 2 - same deal. Acts 2 with the outpouring of the Spirit - more downward movement on a hitherto unprecedented scale.

God comes down to us. He has already done it in the person of Jesus Christ. He has already done it (and goes on doing it) in the person of the Spirit.

Time as we know it will be completed when the whole God-head comes down.