Saturday, 1 April 2017

Worship First

The people start to return back from exile. They assemble in Jerusalem and see the ruins, as captured in Ezra chapter 3. On coming together the first thing they do is sacrifice offerings, bringing their worship to God - picking up again a God ordained sense of celebration.

This is done without the foundation of the temple yet being (re-)laid. In other words, their first instinct is to worship. Temple in ruins - no matter. Barely one stone standing square on another - give to God in any case. Exposed to the outdoor weather - still worship anyway.

These returners had it correct: worship first no matter the circumstances. With the semblance of an altar they were able to bring their offering and open their hearts to God. You see we don't need super-smooth finished buildings to worship, nor dare I say the latest whizz-bang equipment. Just a realisation that God is God, we are not, and He is to be worshipped! That will do, that gets us started.

Whatever is set in our minds to do, be it great or small ... worship first. Do it regardless of the circumstances around you.