Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Citizens of the Kingdom of God

It's time to remind ourselves that as Christ-followers we are first & foremost citizens of heaven - effectively foreigners even in our own native country (1 Peter 2:11). The EU referendum will have pleased some and shocked others. Rather than being thrown into turmoil, let us remember where we really reside.

Governments will come & go, as will powers and super-powers, but the Kingdom will prevail. You may worry for the future for you and your children. You may be concerned for the nation, even for the continent. All this is natural and legitimate. Yet remember that ultimately your security is elsewhere.

This confidence should permeate our witness. As people debate, worry or hope, let us quietly communicate our deeper and greater hope. And when people enquire the reason, be ready to give our answer (1 Peter 3:15) which will likely run along these lines: Jesus is Lord, his Kingdom is not of this world, I have discovered this Kingdom (and discovering it more and more as I live my life), and you can discover it too.